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Court Solutions LLC is a trusted government services technology company and has a core business that reduces administrative expense and paperwork within police agencies and local and county courts. Our 24/7 services allow users to make payments by credit and debit cards via the internet, telephone, and other convenient channels. Our websites are extremely user-friendly and provide payment solutions that are fast, easy, and secure for our clients and their customers by providing the best technology available, the highest level of security, and exceptional customer service.

The U.S. Department of Justice in 2000 issued a call to create a truly integrated criminal justice information system. The Department described it as something that would allow the information gathered at an arrest or scene of a crime to be tracked seamlessly from the date of the incident through prosecution, booking, court disposition, incarceration and parole. An officer making a routine traffic stop would have instant and up-to-date information about outstanding warrants or prior encounters with the law. Judges would have at their benches complete histories of convicted criminals to help them in sentencing. And departments across all jurisdictions would be able to compare and share information to find key links that would solve or prevent crimes.

In response to this call to action from the Department of Justice, several companies developed criminal justice information systems in the form of record and case management software. We have developed integrations with many of these companies to provide a front end search, display, and payment service at no cost to participating agencies.

We have an outstanding track record of success and trust you will find Court Solutions to be an efficient and effective partner. We appreciate your visit to our site.

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